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How Much Do Wedding Videographers Cost?

Wedding videography costs vary widely. Learn about budgeting and finding the right videographer for your needs.

How Much Do Wedding Videographers Cost?

Wedding videography has come a long way since the early days of wedding films, which were often either poorly produced, with shaky, grainy footage, or in the realm of only the most high-end weddings.

Today, things are very different.

Wedding videography today has grown so much as an industry.

And videographers can capture stunning, cinematic footage to make your wedding look like a hollywood film.

This doesn't come without an investment though, so let's take a look at some numbers.

The Investment

As with any other professional service, wedding videography is an investment!

Depending on what videos you want made and how much time your photographer or friend/family member has to devote to filming, the price can add up quickly.

The important thing to understand up-front is that it's just that — an investment. Unlike the flowers, food, and other items that will be gone after the wedding day, a wedding video is something that you'll have forever.

It's an investment, not a cost.

Most vendors have their own starting prices, and they vary a lot. So it's best to do research early on in the process, to get a sense of the market value for their services.

The Average Cost of a Wedding Videographer in 2023

According to theKnot, the average cost of a wedding videographer last year was around $1900.

However, this is including many low-budget videographers who are just starting out, and who undercut their prices to be able to get their first clients.

This is also nationwide. What you get for the same amount of money varies greatly by your area.

An established, quality wedding videographer will start at the absolute minimum around this range.

In the DC market, for example, you can expect to pay $3000-7000 for a quality videographer's base package.

And if the videographer offers add-ons and specializations like additional edits, engagement shoots, or b-roll filming times, these can add to the cost of your package.

These add-ons usually require additional filming and editing time and potentially more advanced equipment as well.

Factors that influence pricing

There are several factors that will affect the cost of a wedding videographer for your wedding. Let's look at a few.

Equipment and set up

How Much Does A Wedding Videographer Cost?

As with any other profession, wedding videographers have lots of overhead costs! They require expensive equipment to do their job well.

Wedding filmmaking is an intimate art form that leaves both you and the viewer feeling connected. Therefore, professional quality cameras and lenses are crucial for creating quality videos.

A beginner videographer might try to get away with cheaper equipment. But by looking at their portfolio, you'll be able to tell.

Equipment definitely doesn't make a videographer - it's 95% skill and artistic vision. But there is a minimum standard of equipment needed to be able to capture your day artistically.

Videographers who are starting out and trying to capture your day with just a few thousand dollars worth of equipment, even with good artistic skill, will have a more difficult time.

At Secretariat Media, for example, we use upwards of $40,000 worth of equipment for each wedding we film.

Again, it's 95% skill, but that equipment does allow us to produce films that look tv and cinema-worthy.

Event location

Bridge And Groom Standing While Holding Flower Bouquet

The cost of filming your wedding will vary greatly depending on your locale.

Some areas of the country tend to have higher costs for wedding vendors in general, and that includes videography.

This could be due to a higher cost of living or a greater demand for weddings in your area.

For example, wedding videography services in large cities or popular wedding destinations may be more expensive than in smaller towns or rural areas.

A wedding video in southern Florida, for example, will likely cost a lot more than a similar service in the Carolinas.

With a bit of research, you can usually find the average pricing for the best videographers in your area.

How Much Does A Wedding Videographer Cost?

Finding a videographer on the internet: what to look for

There are tons of free online resources to find your ideal vendors, including your videographer.

You can look at their work, read reviews, and then contact them to see if they’re the right fit.

Here are a few examples and places you can start:

  • WeddingWire and TheKnot
  • WeddingMinute
  • Wedding-Spot
  • Here Comes the Guide
  • Zola

When looking at videographers' sites, take a look at their portfolio and see what quality they provide. Make sure to look at several and compare their styles before making your final choice. I recommend talking to multiple videographers too, before making a final decision.

Packages and Structure

How Much Does A Wedding Videographer Cost?

As I mentioned earlier, wedding videographers offer various packages. Some offer free add-ons with certain packages, and some offer promotions with photographers they partner with, for example.

Some packages will only cover certain parts of the event like the ceremony or reception.

If you are looking to capture every moment of your wedding day, you'll want to look at how many hours the package includes too.

Some videographers may offer more extensive coverage, but will also add additional costs per hour of filming.

But this can be a good thing, too: let's say your package includes 8 hours, but your wedding day timeline is 9 hours. You may be able to add the extra hour a-la-carte rather than springing for the more expensive package.

The length of the videos varies as well. Most have time frames of 2-5 minutes for a highlight video, and 20-30 minutes for a feature-length film.

Payment Plans

Some wedding vendors offer payment plans to avoid having to take out a loan or use credit cards to pay for their services. This is especially true in the creative fields such as photography, videography, and decoration services.

Videographers will often offer a tiered package structure, and some will allow you to pay a percentage of the fee after the wedding as well.

Looking to save money?

If you are looking to save money, one great way to do it is to save on things that won't last past the wedding day.

For example, the food.

If there’s an appetizer buffet set up, you could find a way to provide your own food instead of paying someone else to do it.

Or, if you have friends who are good at making drinks, you could ask them to contribute towards the cost of the wedding toast.

All these considerations mean that you'll have more of your wedding budget available to contribute towards what will last - photography and videography.

Can I save money on editing?

Some brides who are looking to save money will wonder if they can hire a videographer just for the footage, and then either edit the video themselves, or get someone to do it cheaply.

There are several reasons why this isn't the best idea.

Can I do it myself?

First and foremost, if you want to do it yourself - editing a wedding film can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Even if you're familiar with video editing, it still takes time and a lot of skill! It requires a high level of technical expertise too, as well as an artistic eye, to create a professional-quality wedding film. If you are not familiar with video editing software and techniques, it can be very difficult to produce something at the same level as even a beginner wedding filmmaker.

Additionally, editing your own wedding film can be emotionally difficult.

What do I mean by that?

As the person who lived through the events of the wedding, you may find it difficult to select which footage to include or exclude. You might be drawn to certain parts of the wedding and less so to others.

This sounds fine, but it just makes it harder for you to create an overview of the day that truly captures what your day was like for you and your spouse.

And even if this isn't a problem for you - it's often so hard to decide what to include and what not to, if you are the one in the shots! This can make the editing process even longer and more stressful.

Definitely recommend letting someone else do the editing for you.

Could I hire someone else after the wedding, who's cheaper, to edit?

This is also highly not recommended.

First and foremost, your wedding filmmaker has a deep understanding of your wedding day. After all, they were there. A random video editor was not.

From filming, they likely have a very specific vision for your wedding film. They have spent time with you before and during the wedding, getting to know you and your preferences, and have a clear idea of the look and feel you want for your final product.

For that reason, a separately edited video will likely not accurately reflect your wedding day.

How Much Does A Wedding Videographer Cost?

Wedding Videography Package: A Sample

Please note: these are not our packages - these are simply a sample of what is commonly offered in the industry.

Basic Package

  • Full-day coverage of the wedding ceremony and reception (up to 8 hours)
  • 1 videographer to capture different angles and perspectives
  • HD (1080p) video footage captured using professional cameras and lenses
  • A highlight film (up to 5 minutes in length) that showcases the best moments of the day
  • Digital delivery of highlight film via online download
  • Price: $2,500

Deluxe Package

  • Full-day coverage of the wedding ceremony and reception (up to 8 hours)
  • 2 videographers to capture different angles and perspectives
  • High-definition video footage captured using professional cameras and lenses
  • Aerial footage of the ceremony and reception location (if allowed, and weather permitting)
  • A highlight film (up to 5 minutes in length) that showcases the best moments of the day
  • A feature-length wedding film, 30-60min in length
  • Digital delivery of the highlight film and feature film via online download
  • Price: $4,500

Premium Package

  • Full-day coverage of the wedding ceremony and reception (up to 8 hours)
  • 2 videographers to capture different angles and perspectives
  • High-definition video footage captured using professional cameras and lenses
  • Aerial footage of the ceremony and reception location (if allowed and weather permitting)
  • Editing of the footage to create a finished feature-length wedding film (up to 60 minutes in length)
  • A highlight film (up to 5 minutes in length) that showcases the best moments of the day
  • Digital delivery of the finished film and highlight reel via online download
  • A physical copy of the finished film and highlight reel on Blu-ray or DVD
  • A "teaser" trailer (up to 2 minutes in length) that can be shared on social media
  • An engagement shoot (up to 2 hours) to capture footage of the couple before the wedding
  • Price: $6,500

In Summary

Wedding videography is an investment that is sure to provide lasting memories of your special day.

Thus, it's important to look at it not as a cost, but as an investment.

The level of investment will vary widely depending on location, as well as by the specific services being offered.

The cost of wedding videography is also affected by the level of experience and expertise of the videographer. It is important to do research and compare prices from different videographers to find the best fit for your vision for your wedding day.

After all, this is the most memorable day of your life.

Investing in a beautiful video to remember that day forever — is always worth it.

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