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5 Steps to Find and Hire the Perfect Wedding Videographer

Don't settle for just any wedding videographer - follow these 5 steps to find the perfect one for your special day.

5 Steps to Find and Hire the Perfect Wedding Videographer

Hiring a wedding videographer is a crucial decision.


Your wedding day happens only once. Then it's just a memory.

And your wedding video will capture memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

So it's not a decision you should make lightly.

Rather, spend time getting to know various videographers and their styles.

See what you like and what you don't.

I even recommend meeting some via zoom, or at least phone call, before making your decision.

In this article, we'll look at a few ways you can find the perfect videographer for your special day.

Step 1: Determine Your Needs and Goals

Even before you start looking for a wedding videographer, it's important to have a clear idea of what you want your end product to look like.

What kind of wedding video do you imagine?

Maybe you saw a friend's wedding video and fell in love with it.

Maybe you watched a wedding video of complete strangers that made you emotional.

Regardless, having a few samples of wedding videos you love will be a great start.

Once you have that, as your inspiration, you can consider some of these questions too. This will help you narrow down in your search.

Some questions to consider

  1. What is the overall style and aesthetic of your wedding?
  2. Do you want a documentary style video, or something with more staged scenes?
  3. What is your budget range?
  4. What is your timeline for completing the video?
  5. Do you want the videographer to capture the entire wedding day or just certain parts, such as the ceremony and reception?

Wedding Video Camera

Step 2: Research and Compare Wedding Videographers

Now that you have a better idea of what you're looking for...

It's time for the fun part!

Time to start searching for potential wedding videographers.

There are many ways to do this. Here's where I'd recommend starting.

  • Searching online directories and websites like Zola, WeddingChicks, and WeddingWire.
  • Looking on google for local wedding videographers and checking our their portfolios.
  • If you have friends who've recently gotten married, you can ask them for recommendations too.

When comparing wedding videographers, there's one major thing that you should compare them by, and that's their WORK.

Specifically, the quality of it.

And how emotionally connected you feel to the couple in the videos.

You can also look at their experience in the wedding industry. While not always a good indicator, it can at least show you how long someone has been in the industry and how well-versed they are with weddings.

Wedding Videographer Preparing the Shot

Step 3: Call Them, Request Quotes, and Meet

Once you've picked a handful wedding videographers that you like, it's time to talk to them.

For this, it's simple: reach out and see if they have availability on your date.

If so, ask to set up a call.

The major thing you are looking for here is rapport. Do you connect with them and genuinely like them as a person?

If you hit it off on the phone call, set up a zoom meeting, or even an in-person meeting if you can.

You can also request their packages and pricing structure.

This should include their package and add-on options as well as any additional expenses such as travel.

If you get any very low quotes, you should be wary, as they may indicate a lack of experience or quality. But if you've done your research up to this point, this shouldn't be an issue.

Step 4: Make Your Selection!

Now that you have talked to several videographers, it's time —

Time to choose your favorite!

Most likely, you already have someone in mind. Someone that you connected with more than the others you had talked to.

Now you just have to let them know!

Before making your final decision, it's also a good idea to look over their packages and quotes carefully and consider any additional factors that may be important to you, such as any add-ons or additional options you'd like to include in your package.

Wedding Video Shoot on Bridge

Step 5: Review and Sign the Contract

Most videographers will give you a contract that defines the terms of your package and the work they will do for you.

This is helpful to protect both of you and have everything in writing for you to reference at any time.

Step 6: Communicate and Collaborate

Finally, once you have hired a wedding videographer and signed the contract, it's important to maintain open communication and collaboration throughout the time leading up to your wedding.

It's very helpful to introduce them to your planner, photographer, and other vendors, so they can work together to plan for your wedding day.

Most videographers will have an onboarding process as well, so they can get all the information they need about the wedding.

Married couple holding hands


By following these tips, you can find and select the perfect wedding videographer for your wedding.

Don't be afraid to take your time, and definitely involve your spouse-to-be too. Ask questions, and get to know your videographer.

With the right videographer and good communication, you are sure to have a beautiful and meaningful video to cherish for years to come.

James Trent
About the Author

James Trent

With over 10 years experience in cinematic wedding video production, James has a passion for capturing moments and creating an artistic, meaningful final product.

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